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Custom LED display    Are you worried about the following issues?

  • 01

    Bad quality

    low-definition,broken down frequently

  • 02

    Application environment is inappropriate

    unfit with the installation environment

  • 03

    Unreasonable size design the steel
    structure of LED display instal
    lation is not fit closely

  • 04

    Can't find the after-sales service staff

    no response for any upgrade or adjustment

We can make onsite investigation to customize your LED display solution. Professional LED display engineer offers onsite one-to-one service to customize the solution according to your needs.

Product install at your door by the professional engineering team. After the plan is confirmed,ENBON's engineering team which has 6-year experience in LED display installation will install it at your door.

We'll check and accept with you after installation. Our professional engineer will check with you and demonstrate the operation steps for you after the LED display has been installed.

We offer LED display operation training for free. We offer LED display one-day operation training and related handbook for free.

We offer onsite maintenance regularly for free. Our professional after-sales repair staff will inspect and maintain the product at your door every month.

24h onsite maintenance service guarantee Our professional maintenance staff will provide onsite service after receiving the call.