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Full-color LED display become the main force of outdoor media advertising

Time: 2017-07-21

Now in the maket, big LED display has become the main force of outdoor media advertising it is no accident phenomenon, but the economic and techonology development the inevitable result.

We believe that  it will not be long before the led display would replace the poster like the street, the station, the shopping center.

The new media LED screens and has reached the high effective advertising characteristics, and television, newspapers and other media on the form is more, the price is relatively low. The incomparable advantage makes a full-color LED display media logical to be outdoor advertising media the upstart. Such as the New York times square CBD core area and Tokyo, Japan the rows of silver LED display advertising not only have the function of marketing, is the world famous enterprise status symbol-there were supremacy in the industry of the enterprise can broadcast advertising here, and here the broadcast advertising enterprises have to let people perception to its brand in the world of status. And the traditional outdoor media different, full color led display is not just pure outdoor media, it holds concurrently at the same time TV and other media properties and advantages of.

Believe in the near future, LED products will permeate our life in all aspects.