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Product parameters

The LED rental display has the following advantages :

1 . The weight of the ultra - light weight is only 7 kg , the single - person can be lifted alone , and the installation is abnormal and easy ;

2 , the ultra - thin - box body is formed by die casting aluminum , the strength is high , the toughness is strong , the precision is high , the deformation is difficult , and the ultrathin _ box body is a labor - saving ;

3 . High precision _ size is accurate to 0.1 mm for electro - mechanical processing ;

4 . Compatible with the new structural design to meet the requirements of hoisting and stacking , meeting indoor and outdoor requirements ;

5 . The quick - locking mechanism is adopted to connect the upper and lower sides of the shortcut _ box body , and the installation of one box body can be completed in 10 seconds , and the installation precision is high ;

6 . The reliability _ strength hardness is high , and the heat dissipation effect is good ;

7 . The cost _ box is light , and the required installation cost is low ;

the power consumption of the box body is low , the operating cost is saved , and the labor cost is reduced .

The LED leasing display screen is light in weight , thin in structure , has hoisting and quick installation functions , so that the requirements of quick installation and disassembly and transportation as required by the lease occasion can be met ;

Easy to assemble and disassemble , easy to operate , full screen loading and unloading by fast bolt fixing and connection , can accurately and quickly mount the screen and remove the screen , and can insert different shapes to meet the site requirements ;

Unique technology : unique welding process optimization structural design , avoid frequent handling of welding spots caused by poor contact of electronic products , etc . ;

The characteristics of the LED leased screen are as follows :

1 . Light , ultra - thin , quick install and design , so you can finish the installation and disassembly of the display screen in a short time ;

2 , supporting the signal lines to be arbitrarily oriented , meeting different box arrangement and placing , so as to create pictures with different effects ;

3 . Professional video processor supporting AV , DP , VGA , DVI , YPBPR , HDMI , SDI and other signals ;

4 . Support 256 level brightness adjustment and white balance custom adjustment so that different batches of display screen can be mixed for use ;

5 . Signal processing : RTF series products adopt signal - to - turn technology , the unit module does not need cascade , greatly improves the display performance of the product . With signal - to - turn technology , the unit module does not need cascade , thus greatly improving the display performance of the product ;

6 . Mask : adopts the patent technology mask , the mask adopts a rear buckle fastening assembly mode , can be convenient to maintain the LED lamp , the front face of the face mask can not see the fastening screw , the integrity of the screen surface is good , and the bright spot caused by the leakage of the screw is not caused when the screen is lit ;

7 . The module adopts a large module , only 4 modules per box are adopted , the internal connection is reduced , and the stability of the product is improved . The display module can be directly dismounted from the rear part of the box body without opening the box body .

8 . Rear cover : Remove the four screws and remove the rear cover , so as to maintain and replace the power supply and the receiving card ;

9 . radiating plate : adopting aluminum bottom plate to replace the traditional plastic bottom shell , and improving the heat dissipation performance of the product while ensuring the flatness ;

10 、 IC and drive : high refresh frequency , high gray high refresh frequency , high gray scale 16384 grade gray scale product adopt built - in PWM high - end constant current drive chip . Under the condition of single receive card , the refresh frequency of display screen can reach 960 Hz , up to 4800HZ . The gray level can reach 16bit , the picture is stable , can easily meet the stage performance , broadcast and other high - end application requirements . The DC power supply line adopts the standard wire , the power supply input adopts surface mount socket , the power cord is not easy to loose , the power supply transmission process line loss is minimum , the input voltage is stable ;

11 . Capacity : new structural design , meet the requirements of hoisting and stacking , meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor .

12 . High : high gray - scale high refresh rate design , gray scale 14 bit , refresh rate 960 Hz ;

13 . Low : excellent heat dissipation design and heat dissipation performance , without external fan , air conditioner , etc . , low noise ;

the box body is light in weight , and the required installation cost is low ;

the power consumption of the box body is low , and the operating cost is saved ;

14 . The water - proof effect is good , and it has a protection grade of 65 , which is suitable for outdoor lease use ;

15 . The air box with various specifications is equipped to facilitate the storage and transportation of the box , and has a good protection effect on the LED display screen .

16 . To customize the most appropriate leasing solution for LED display screen according to customer requirements and on - site environment .

The LED leasing screen is widely used in stage leasing , singing and dancing activities , conferences , exhibitions , stadiums , theatres , auditorium , lecture hall , multi - function hall , conference room , deduction hall , disco , night club , high - grade entertainment disco and so on .

Product information
Item P5
Pixel Pitch 5mm
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
LED Encapsulation SMD2727
Pixel Density 40000dot/㎡
Module Resoulution 32*32(W*H)
Module Size 160mm*160mm(W*H)
Drive Mode 1/8 Scan
Cabinet Resolution 256*128(W*H)
Cabinet Size(W*H) 640mm*640mm
Cabinet Weight 9±0.5kg
Brightness ≥6000CD/㎡
Color Temperature 3200-9300K/Adjustable
Max Power Consumption 800W/㎡
Average Power Consumption 300W/㎡
Best Viewing Angle H:160°V:160°
Display Mode/Max 1024*768/1280*1024
Refresh Rate ≥1200Hz
Best Viewing Distance ≥5m
Protection Level IP65
Maintain Style Maintain
Operating Voltage AC220V/110V
Working Temperature -20℃/+50℃
Operating Humidity 10%-85%