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Product parameters

1, the effect of excellence: the use of dynamic scanning technology, stable picture, no miscellaneous points, the image effect is clear, animation effects vivid and diverse, video effects smooth and realistic;
2, rich content: can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information;
3, the way is flexible: users can arbitrarily display the display mode;
4, large amount of information: the information displayed is unrestricted;
5, the angle of view is excellent: in the horizontal and vertical are larger viewing angle, which is horizontal, wide and height gap is suitable for the environment;
6, the reliability is strong: the use of distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, reliability and stability is higher;
7, quality assurance: the use of imported light-emitting materials, high-quality IC chip, noise free high-power power supply, tensile shock, 10 years long life;
8 、 convenient maintenance: modular design, easy installation and maintenance.

Product information
Item p1.9
Pixel pitch 1.923mm
pixel density 270400点/㎡
module resolution 104*78
module size 200*150*2
configuration 1R1G1B
Encapsulation SMD1515
Operating voltage AC:110V-240V、50-60Hz
Drive mode MBI5153/ICN2053
Cabinet material Die-casting Aluminum
Cabinet weight 3.5kg
Cabinet resolution 208*156
Cabinet size(mm) 400*300*55
Brightness 200-800CD/㎡
Color temperature 2000K-9500K(adjustable)
Viewing angle H:160°V:160°
planeness ≥98%
space <0.1mm
Max power consumption ≤500W/㎡
Average power consumption 100W/㎡-300W/㎡
Frame Frequency 60Hz
Refresh Rate 1920-3840HZ
Grey 16384
Protection Level IP41
Lifetime 10万小时
Working Temperature 10%-90%RH
Operating Humidity -10~60℃
software Windows XP,WIN7/8/10