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LED Ball Type Display screen series
Product parameters

Product profile

The full-color spherical led display screen is  mainly used in museums, science and technology museums, enterprise exhibition halls, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertisements, spherical lighting engineering and so on. The spherical led display screen can not only play video advertisements, Brand publicity, but also do decorative lighting. Various installation methods, can be located, hoisting, mosaic, embedded and other different installation methods, to meet the installation needs of different customers. The spherical led display allows the audience to view it from a full perspective of 360 °. Unlike the conventional led display, the detail of the screen is easy to show. At the same time, the spherical led display can directly project the earth, soccer and other spherical objects onto the display, giving people an intuitive view. Enjoy the perfect video.

The led spherical screen also has many derivatives, such as the scalable led spherical screen and the led hemispherical display. Led telescopic ball is a perfect combination of mechanical, electronic and led technologies, and is a major breakthrough in led display technology. The led telescopic ball can be customized according to customer requirements. It has the following characteristics: first of all, it has the following characteristics: first of all, it can attract the audience's eyeball in the appearance, play it in any area, and can enjoy the angle of view of 360 degrees with asynchronous expansion and expansion. Secondly, the design concept of environmental protection, energy saving, low-carbon earth .led telescopic ball has become the best choice for museums, science museums and entertainment.

Product information
Weight 重量 ≤35KG/㎡
Brightness 亮度 ≥1500CD/㎡
LED Encapsulation LED封装 SND3528/2121
Refresh Rate 刷新率 600HZ-2000HZ
Gray Scale 灰度等级 4096-65536
View Angle 视角 350°
Working Voltage AC输入电压 110-240V±10%
Material of construction 结构材质 铁材/铝材/Iron/aluminum
Pixel Contiguration 像素点组成 1R1G1B
Resolution 整球分辨率 320*144(P10 1M)
Input Power Voltage Freqiemcu 电源输入频率 50/60HZ
Brightness Adjustment 亮度调节级别 100
Color Temperature 色温 3200K-9300K
Working Temperature 工作温度范围 -35℃-60℃
Working Humidity 工作湿度范围 10%-90%
Life-span 正常使用使用寿命 100000h